Rosalind Kainyah’s appointed to the Board of Aker Energy

Rosalind Kainyah, Managing Director of Kina Advisory, has been appointed to the Board of Aker Energy. Aker Energy, a new addition to the industrial investment company, Aker Group, is an upstream oil and gas company currently present in Ghana.

Aker Energy has a strong focus on developing a sustainable energy company in Ghana and a commitment to developing the socio-economic environment of the country.  This focus is strongly aligned to the vision and values of Kina to work with companies to build sustainable businesses whilst contributing to deeper and inclusive long-term growth of countries and communities.

Rosalind is pleased to accept this new appointment.  She will bring her decades of experience in political risk management, government relations, corporate and environmental law, and sustainability, in the oil & gas, mining, and power industries, to make a positive impact to activities of Aker Energy.  Click here to read the full post by Aker Energy

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