Rosalind Kainyah co-hosts IWF Ghana Breakfast Masterclass on wealth management

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Managing Director, Rosalind Kainyah, in her capacity as Co-President of the International Women’s Forum, Ghana (IWF Ghana), hosted their breakfast masterclass on wealth management “Harnessing the Power of Women – Tips For Securing Your Financial Future”. Guest speaker at the event was Bimpe Nkontchou, Managing Principal at W8 Advisory.

The session aimed to raise awareness among women about the necessity of financial planning and wealth preservation. Bimpe encouraged strategic philanthropy by individuals as one of the ways to preserve wealth and create legacy. She advised that philanthropy should be strategic and sustainable through family foundations, for example; and explained how this would enable families to contribute to the broader socio-economic development of African countries.

Bimpe’s conversation demonstrates that it is not only governments, donor agencies and corporations that can contribute to social and economic development, but individuals and families also have a role to play (Click here, to read more about the thoughts of Bimpe in the Business & Financial Times).

At Kina Advisory, we advise companies operating in emerging economies – particularly in Africa.  Our focus is on assisting them to develop and implement social investment strategies that both result in deeper and more inclusive long-term growth for their host countries and communities, as well as contributes to achieving the company’s business objectives and business value drivers.

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