Sustainability Consultancy

Our Sustainability Consultancy practice complements and supports the advice we provide through the Kina Sustainability Masterclasses. We offer our clients practical assistance in identifying, building and maintaining the right external stakeholder relationships necessary for business success; assessing and managing environmental, social, and governance risks; and leveraging social and socio-economic benefits. Our approach is to empower companies to build and implement the right capacity, capabilities, and systems internally; to do so as effectively and efficiently as possible; and to avoid creating dependency on us as external consultants.

Through our Corporate Diplomacy and Advisory Services, we advise and support companies to build and maintain relationships with external stakeholders and to align their business strategy with the objectives of those stakeholders for mutual benefit. This includes advising on the external operating environment for political, social, and socioeconomic issues impacting on investment decisions, business operations and corporate reputation and carrying out due diligence on key stakeholders, prospective local business partners and advisors.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Consultancy Services cover pre-investment ESG due diligence; insights on ESG legal and regulatory issues as they arise and ensuring compliance with worldwide anti-corruption legislation; and developing and implementing corporate level social investment strategies.

Our Social Performance Management Services include social and socio-economic impact assessments and baseline studies; developing social performance aspects of Environmental and Social Management Systems; developing and assisting with implementation of site social management plans; and assisting clients to recruit and develop highly effective Social Performance teams.

Through our strategic partnership with InteStrat Services, we incorporate Strategy, Risk Management, Performance Management and Change Management into our Sustainability Consulting Services.