The Environmental, Social and Business Integrity Masterclass for Boards©

The Environmental, Social and Business Integrity Masterclass for Boards and Senior Executives©

Business leaders who have a clear understanding of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda and incorporate best practice into their core corporate strategies and practices not only find themselves meeting the increasing expectations from investors and other key stakeholders but also, that ESG practices can be core business value drivers. The benefits go well beyond compliance and risk management – they include increased options of financing, cost and schedule efficiency and becoming a partner of choice to host countries, communities, other businesses and employees.

Kina’s Environmental, Social and Business Integrity (ES&BI) Masterclass is designed for Board Directors and Senior Managers to build executive-level understanding and practical knowledge of how corporate leaders set and drive sustainability agendas that support profitable and efficient business. The Masterclass is the evolution of the highly successful programme that Kina developed for CDC Group plc, the UK’s development finance institution and delivers to CDC’s portfolio companies and Fund Managers.

We explore the role of directors and senior management in promoting and overseeing ESG best practices, responding to the expectations of investors and other stakeholders, and building capacity within their organisations to deal with sustainability challenges in their specific sector, business or project and also how to optimise on the positive impacts.

Questions explored in the ES&BI Masterclass for Board Directors and Senior Managers

  • Why is it important for a company to have a Sustainability agenda and strategy?
  • Why is it important to have Board leadership and commitment to drive the company’s sustainability agenda and what is the role of the Board in overseeing and promoting that agenda?
  • What considerations should the Board take into account when establishing a robust and effective governance structure for oversight of the company’s sustainability agenda and ESG performance?
  • Which sustainability issues should be referred to the Board and how should Directors collectively ensure that the relevant information flows from operations to the Board and from the Board to operations?
  • How can the Board and management ensure the company is applying appropriate sustainability standards, practices and metrics to assess performance and satisfy regulatory and investor requirements, while meeting the expectations of other stakeholders?