The Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Masterclass©

Business leaders who adopt a leadership role in the development and oversight of their company’s Corporate Social Investment Strategy find that a smart and strategic approach to social investment can deliver real business value alongside its contribution to host community social and economic development. The benefits go well beyond the cultivation of goodwill and enhanced reputation associated with traditional CSR programmes – they include preferential access to financing and investment opportunities, competitive advantage, cost and schedule efficiencies and becoming a partner of choice to host countries, communities, other businesses and employees.

Kina’s Corporate Social Investment Strategy Masterclass is designed to enable Executives and Senior Managers to take the first critical steps in developing a smart Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Strategy that is commercially focused, delivers business value, supports the company’s licence to operate and achieves measurable social development outcomes.

The Masterclass explores the role of senior leaders in promoting and overseeing an effective CSI Strategy and supports the participants in identifying social investment themes that are aligned to their business objectives and to the expectations and requirements of investors, host governments, communities and broad societal stakeholders. It also recommends options for effective governance of the client’s social investment programme, alongside potential delivery mechanisms for social investment projects. The results of the Masterclass should be sufficiently comprehensive and robust that the client is able to move forward with the next steps of implementing its CSI Strategy.

Questions explored in the Corporate Social Investment Strategy Masterclass

  • What is CSI and how can it deliver business value?
  • How can we best align our CSI strategy with the expectations of our key stakeholders?
  • How should we look to engage with and leverage the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • What is the role of Executives and Senior Managers in the promotion and implementation of a CSI strategy and what are the options for effective governance?
  • Which delivery mechanisms should we adopt and what kind of partnerships do we need to develop?