Introduction to Doing Business in Africa (IDBA) Masterclass©

Businesses need the knowledge and understanding of the specific geographic, social, political and economic context of any projects that they are considering if they are to make holistic investment and operational decisions, leverage opportunities, and manage business challenges. Without this knowledge and understanding, leaders risk making sub-optimal investment decision or investing in projects where key risks have not been identified and managed in advance leading to delays, leakage in value and/or damage to relationships with key stakeholders.

Kina’s Introduction to Doing Business in Africa (IDBA) Masterclasses is a new and distinctive way for Executives and Directors to develop their thinking about particular investment opportunities in specific African countries. Fully immersive and tailored to the client’s specific sector and planned investment, each Masterclass programme aims to accelerate the participants’ learning curve at the outset of an investment – to familiarise them with the country context and to provide insights and practical guidance about how to harness the opportunities and manage the risks of their business activities. Participants benefit from the advice and guidance of subject matter experts and  experienced CEOs and – through a facilitated in-country visit – the first-hand perspectives of key stakeholders in government, business and society.

Some of key questions explored in the Introduction to Doing Business in Africa Masterclasses

  • What are the key opportunities and challenges of investing in the country?
  • How should we go about building relationships in-country including making us the partner of choice to government?
  • Is there an available pool of capable partners, suppliers and employees?
  • How can we leverage our positive impacts and minimise our negative impacts?
  • Will our people be safe?

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