The Corporate Diplomacy Masterclass for Senior Executives and Senior Managers

To succeed, a business needs to generate robust financial returns but for long-term success it increasingly needs strong sustainability performance, including robust environmental practices and the delivery of enhanced social wellbeing for its employees, project-affected communities and wider society. Achieving this goal necessarily depends upon securing and maintaining the active support of stakeholders, whether investors, employees, customers, host governments, communities or wider society. Corporate Diplomacy is the role that leaders, employees and other representatives of business play in advancing the company’s interests and achieving sustainable outcomes by negotiating and creating longterm interest-based alliances with key external players.

Kina’s Corporate Diplomacy in Africa Masterclass is designed to build Senior Managers’ understanding of the importance of adopting a strategic and structured approach to stakeholder engagement and the role of corporate leaders in fostering a Corporate Diplomacy mindset and culture within their organisation. We will explore the key principles and frameworks used in developing long-term trusting relationships with different stakeholder groups and how these principles and frameworks can be deployed in the African context for more effective business delivery, risk management and the operationalisation of a business’ strategy. Participants will explore how to integrate corporate diplomacy into the organisation’s way of working and – through a facilitated workshop – how to enable it to be effective in meeting the organisation’s/project’s business objectives.

Questions explored in the Corporate Diplomacy Masterclass

  • What is Corporate Diplomacy and why is it critical to effective project and business delivery?
  • How does Corporate Diplomacy differ from traditional approaches to government relations, corporate affairs, community relations and communications?
  • As a business leader, what is my role as a Corporate Diplomat and in enabling my organisation to achieve our goals?
  • How should we organise and resource our external facing functions and how do we get the balance right between corporate and asset-level teams?
  • What specific challenges and opportunities in Africa could be addressed by adopting a Corporate Diplomacy approach?