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Image of Teni Agana one of the 18 graduates from Ashesi University

Kina Advisory congratulations the 18’ Ashesi University graduates


Teni’s Journey from high school to graduating from Ashesi University has not been easy, but single-minded determination and guidance through the scholarship process helped her achieve her goal. Without big businesses investing in the future of Africa we can’t move forwards

Image of Teni Agana one of the 18 graduates from Ashesi UniversityKina Advisory congratulates the 2018 class of graduates from Ashesi University. We particularly want to mention a young female graduate, Teni Agana, who has an inspiring story.

Teni’s drive and ambition, that led to her graduating from what is undeniably the best University in Ghana, began in high school. Her aspirations to become a college graduate saw her move away from her family home to work in a market place as a head porter, known locally as “kayayo”, to save money for her college education. However, her savings had to be used to deal with a family medical emergency. But that good turn was repaid when she was introduced to a member of CAMFED, a partner institution of Ashesi University, that supports the education of young women in rural sub-Saharan Africa, to lift them out of poverty to become leaders of change. She was encouraged to and successfully applied for a MasterCard Foundations scholarship to Ashesi University. Her ambition is now to help others who find themselves in the situation she was in realise the benefits of college education.

At Kina, we work with our clients to advise and support the development of social investment strategies and programmes. One such client is Tullow Oil, a supporter of Ashesi University. Tullow is delighted to congratulate the 2018 Ashesi graduates:

“Ashesi University is a key partner in Tullow’s efforts to build capacity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education in order to produce graduates where the company’s host countries experience significant skills gaps and to also help in the development of the country.

Tullow Ghana is providing scholarships to 10 bright but needy students to complete a four-year engineering degree. Tullow supports centers of excellence such as Ashesi University which delivers a solid engineering degree with an emphasis on design thinking and entrepreneurship so that students graduate with hands-on skills which will make them more effective contributors to industry.”

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Supporting KINA Advisory image for Website insight post: IWF Ghana Breakfast Seminar

Rosalind Kainyah co-hosts IWF Ghana Breakfast Masterclass on wealth management


Rosalind Kainyah in her capacity as Co-President of the International Women’s Forum, Ghana (IWF Ghana), wants to increase the awareness among women in relation to financial planning & wealth preservation. To reinforce this crucial message Rosalind invited Bimpe Nkontchou of W8 Advisory to share her expert knowledge on wealth management. Click “Read More” to understand why Rosalind wants women to be more secure financially.

Supporting KINA Advisory image for website insight post : IWF Ghana Breakfast Seminar

Managing Director, Rosalind Kainyah, in her capacity as Co-President of the International Women’s Forum, Ghana (IWF Ghana), hosted their breakfast masterclass on wealth management “Harnessing the Power of Women – Tips For Securing Your Financial Future”. Guest speaker at the event was Bimpe Nkontchou, Managing Principal at W8 Advisory.

The session aimed to raise awareness among women about the necessity of financial planning and wealth preservation. Bimpe encouraged strategic philanthropy by individuals as one of the ways to preserve wealth and create legacy. She advised that philanthropy should be strategic and sustainable through family foundations, for example; and explained how this would enable families to contribute to the broader socio-economic development of African countries.

Bimpe’s conversation demonstrates that it is not only governments, donor agencies and corporations that can contribute to social and economic development, but individuals and families also have a role to play (Click here, to read more about the thoughts of Bimpe in the Business & Financial Times).

At Kina Advisory, we advise companies operating in emerging economies – particularly in Africa.  Our focus is on assisting them to develop and implement social investment strategies that both result in deeper and more inclusive long-term growth for their host countries and communities, as well as contributes to achieving the company’s business objectives and business value drivers.

For more information on advice on wealth management contact

For more information on Kina Advisory’s Services, contact

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Image Philbert Aganyo - IIA Kenya (R), Rael Mzee (M) and Margaret Ebenyo (L) of Akiberan Aberu Suppliers and Contractors Ltd

IIA Kenya extends first business loan to all Female led SME


Invest in Africa – Kenya, takes a land-mark step for a female owned and run SME, by issuing them a business loan. Click “Read More” to understand the full implications of this business loan.

Image Philbert Aganyo - IIA Kenya (R), Rael Mzee (M) and Margaret Ebenyo (L) of Akiberan Aberu Suppliers and Contractors Ltd

Philbert Aganyo – IIA Kenya Project Officer (Right)with Rael Mzee (Middle) and Margaret Ebenyo (Left)of Akiberan Aberu Suppliers and Contractors Ltd, pose for a photo after finalizing the loan agreement.

Kina Advisory is pleased to congratulate Invest in Africa (IIA-Kenya) on making their first financing linkage.  IIA-Kenya have made a business loan to a female owned and managed SME in Turkana, Kenya under their IIA Credit Guarantee Scheme.

Invest in Africa is a non-profit organisation that works to create business relationships between larger international and domestic companies, on the one hand,  and local SMEs by providing local SMEs with access to finance, skills and markets. Their work in Africa supports job creation and creates a positive business environment for the international and domestic companies.

Akiberan Aberu Suppliers and Contractors Ltd (Akiberan Aberu), the recipients of the loan, are suppliers of fruit and vegetables.  As a benefactor of Tullow Oil’s local content mandate, the support of this financing agreement means they can work with Tullow Oil to meet the Local Purchase Order (LPO) issued to them. For Tullow Oil, the IIA-Kenya loan means they have a cost-effective way of getting their essential supplies as Akiberan Aberu are local to Tullow’s project site and meet their local content requirements. IIA-Kenya’s first financing linkage is therefore an excellent example of how to align a company’s strategic socio-economic investments into its business objectives and contribute to the company’s business value drivers.

More details on this milestone for IIA-Kenya, just click here to read their press release.

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Image of Rosalind Kainyah at the Africa Shared Value Summit 18. The Role of Sustainable Institutions

25 May Rosalind Kainyah | Panellist at the Africa Shared Value Summit 18


Rosalind Kainyah of Kina Advisory will be discussing at this year’s Africa Shared Value Summit: The Role of Sustainable Institutions in Building Enabling Environments for Social Impact.  Click “Read More” for full details.

Image of Rosalind Kainyah at the Africa Shared Value Summit 18. The Role of Sustainable InstitutionsAt this year’s Africa Shared Value Summit, Rosalind Kainyah of Kina Advisory will be discussing: The Role of Sustainable Institutions in Building Enabling Environments for Social Impact.  Also speaking on this subject: Dr Frank Aswani & Jennifer Chiriga


Discussion on the role effective, accountable institutions at all levels play to drive social policy and achieve sustainable social impact.

The discussion will cover such areas as:

  • Too often the emphasis on the achievement of development is focussed on economic factors, targets and goals ignoring the social policy contribution to these efforts
  • What is the role of the various public policy actors (public sector, private sector and civil society) in delivering social impact?
  • What are the factors driving good governance in institutions?
  • Is it the responsibility of the public sector to lead the efforts to build accountable institutions in the region?

At Kina Advisory, we often talk about our concept of “the triangular relationship theory”, the need for business, government and society to have, not just conversations, but the right conversations. These three players are each important for the achievement of inclusive socio-economic development. Each is a point of a triangle and a successful relationship among the three is needed to create sustainable social impact.

At Kina we believe that companies should focus on both their business objectives as well as broader socio-economic issues. This is a bona-fide business strategy that will deliver long- term rewards, can boost competitiveness and reap economic dividends for society over the longer term.

Companies can no longer afford to ignore contributing to socio-economic development – that can be a costly mistake.  Instead of seeing their contributions as separate to business either through ‘traditional corporate social responsibility’ programmes, companies should work to connect such activities to their business value drivers and national development needs.

Governments in Africa need to understand how best to capitalise on the expertise and resources of the private sector to meet national development goals. Instead of typical negotiations that would have driven Mother Theresa to drink, governments should think more broadly about the benefits companies can bring in addition to revenues.

Michael E. Porter in his 2011 Harvard Business review article on Creating Shared Value, notes that:

“the most fertile opportunities for creating shared value will be closely related to a company’s particular business, and in areas most important to the business. Here a company can benefit the most economically and hence sustain its commitment over time.”

To deliver social impact that benefits both businesses and society, Kina works with companies to ensure their business value drivers are linked to their efforts to address a country’s socio-economic priorities and have measurable socio-economic benefits. Through this, a company can achieve sustainable social impact.”

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What we are up to & News


Rosalind Kainyah | The Africa Debate 2020

What realistic role does renewable energy have in driving large-scale growth in Africa? What financing solutions exist for accelerating access to sustainable energy? What is the future for Africa’s fossil fuels?  Rosalind Kainyah, MD of Kina Advisory is looking forward to moderating the debate on “Delivering Long-term Energy Solutions for Africa” at Invest Africa Ltd’s – The Africa Debate on the 29th April 2020. Click here for more information.

Image of Rosalind Kainyah Speaking at the Africa Debate 2020


Kina Advisory is proud to be an event partner of DLA Piper – Africa Week 2019

On the 28th November, Kina Advisory is proud to be an event partner of DLA Piper – Africa Week 2019. The theme for the day is“Africa: the future of trade and investment” and will be facilitated by Lanre A. editor of Nurmara and former editor of This Is Africa at the Financial Times and African Business. Our MD Rosalind Kainyah MBE will be moderating a session in the afternoon on: “Developing sustainable energy and natural resource projects: Implementing ESG in practice” | The panel will be made up of Jack Cunningham – Sustainability, Policy & Risk Director, Gemfields, Rhys Davies – Partner, DLA Piper, Chris Goodwin-Hudson – Founder, Watchman & Carla McRoberts – Managing Director, Veracity Worldwide | For a full breakdown of the day click here: 


Rosalind Kainyah MBE will be chairing the 5th Africa Oil Governance Summit

Rosalind Kainyah MBE will be chairing the 5th Africa Oil Governance Summit on the 22nd & 23rd October 2019 & facilitating the 1st panel on “Value addition to petroleum resources extraction through industrialization: The possibilities and the challenges”.  For a full break down of speaker & agenda, click here.


Africa | Attracting a New Wave of Investors

Rosalind Kainyah our Managing Director will be moderating a panel discussion for Invest Africa & DLA Piper on Wednesday 25th Sept 2019.  The Topic: Attracting a New Wave of Investors: Corporate Governance and Meeting International Standards | For the full details of who’s on the panel and focus points, click here.


Cranfield Names Rosalind Kainyah in Top 50 “BAME” Female Leaders

The Kina Advisory team is delighted to announce that our Managing Director, Rosalind Kainyah, has been named as one of the top 50 Leading Females professionals of Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic (BAME) women by Cranfield University.  The 50 inspiring women come from backgrounds historically under-represented in the senior leadership pipeline.  “Click Here” to read the full post