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Kina Advisory Reflections banner image Creating Shared Value: Optimising Community Investments

Creating Shared Value: Optimising Community Investments


In today’s world, companies are increasingly understanding that they have a responsibility to their local communities and to society as a whole. For socially responsible businesses, this means using their resources and influence to shape the lives of citizens for the better. But it also means creating a fit between core business objectives and their external environment, thereby establishing a social licence to operate. (more…)

Kina Advisory image for Reflections post | Creating Value from the ‘S’ in ESG: Prioritising Employees

Creating Value from the S in ESG: Prioritising Employees


In my last Reflection, I wrote about how African companies should view sustainability – or Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) best practice – as a tool for creating value, rather than a form of risk mitigation or compliance with standards imposed by investors and lenders.

I define ESG simply as a company taking care of its surroundings and natural environment (E); taking care of those impacted by their business operations, including their employees (S) and; doing business with integrity and efficiency (G). (more…)

Kina Advisory Banner Image for Insight post on African Champions by Francis Wood

African Champions by Francis Wood


It lives long in the memory: preparing to buy my first stereo system was a labour of love. Focused on amplifiers, I learned eventually about the importance of speakers. Other components matter, but “gettin’ down” depends on the distribution of sound. So too in business: poor distribution results in a poor bottom line, which helps to explain the dearth of African business champions. (more…)

Banner image for Kina Insight Sustainability in African companies – from Compliance to Value

Sustainability in African companies | From Compliance to Value


In my last Reflection, I gave examples of African companies that have stepped up to provide essential items for their countries and neighbouring countries during the Covid-19 pandemic. To maintain this momentum, both during and after this crisis, African companies will need to invest in scaling up and improving their standards of operations. This would mean, in addition to the usual technical, commercial and financial requirements for any successful business, making Sustainability an integral part of their decision-making and operations. I use the term Sustainability broadly to mean a company’s commitment to responsible environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, systems and processes. (more…)

What we are up to & News


Joël Rault joins Kina’s Advisory Board

We are thrilled to have Joël Rault, Chairman and Founder of Hermès Advisory, join our Advisory Board. Joël has previously served as an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for the Government of France and has extensive experience in administration and the management of private companies. He is also an emerging leader of the Harvard Kennedy School. We are looking forward to having his advice and guidance as we forge ahead with advising companies operating in Africa on Sustainability. For our full press release, ‘click here’


Invest Africa Ltd’s Webinar On Renewable Energy Solutions in Africa

Join our Managing Director, Rosalind Kainyah MBE, as she moderates Invest Africa’s webinar on Renewable Energy Solutions in Africa – Covid19, Sustainability & the future of the continent with Jennifer Boca of Lekela Power, Mansoor Hamayun of BBOXX and Scott Mackin of Denham Capital. They will be looking at whether investment bodies will have to pivot away from renewable energy assets in light of COVID-19; how renewable energy operations have been affected by the virus; the multilateral funds such as AfDB’s SEFA play in renewable energy developments across Africa; and the importance funds should place on ESG standards in the investment decision?

Date: Wednesday 6 May 2020.  Time: 12:00-13:00 BST

For more information, please click here:


Rosalind Kainyah moderates Invest Africa’s webinar on Renewable Energy Solutions in Africa


Kina Advisory is proud to be an event partner of DLA Piper – Africa Week 2019

On the 28th November, Kina Advisory is proud to be an event partner of DLA Piper – Africa Week 2019. The theme for the day is“Africa: the future of trade and investment” and will be facilitated by Lanre A. editor of Nurmara and former editor of This Is Africa at the Financial Times and African Business. Our MD Rosalind Kainyah MBE will be moderating a session in the afternoon on: “Developing sustainable energy and natural resource projects: Implementing ESG in practice” | The panel will be made up of Jack Cunningham – Sustainability, Policy & Risk Director, Gemfields, Rhys Davies – Partner, DLA Piper, Chris Goodwin-Hudson – Founder, Watchman & Carla McRoberts – Managing Director, Veracity Worldwide | For a full breakdown of the day click here: 


Rosalind Kainyah MBE will be chairing the 5th Africa Oil Governance Summit

Rosalind Kainyah MBE will be chairing the 5th Africa Oil Governance Summit on the 22nd & 23rd October 2019 & facilitating the 1st panel on “Value addition to petroleum resources extraction through industrialization: The possibilities and the challenges”.  For a full break down of speaker & agenda, click here.


Africa | Attracting a New Wave of Investors

Rosalind Kainyah our Managing Director will be moderating a panel discussion for Invest Africa & DLA Piper on Wednesday 25th Sept 2019.  The Topic: Attracting a New Wave of Investors: Corporate Governance and Meeting International Standards | For the full details of who’s on the panel and focus points, click here.