About us

Kina Advisory is founded on a passion for the future of Africa and the transformative role that businesses can play in positively shaping the futures of countries and communities on the continent.

We are trusted advisors to companies on:

  • responsible business practices for investment and partnerships in Africa, unlocking optimal and sustainable value for companies, countries, and communities;
  • securing corporate and project financing from financial institutions by ensuring that they satisfy lender environmental, social and governance requirements;
  • shaping and delivering smarter approaches to building productive relationships with key stakeholders; and
  • building leadership capability around Sustainability.

We also work with our clients to manage the environmental and social impacts of their activities and to foster the broader socio-economic development of their host countries and communities, which we believe leads to deeper and more inclusive long-term growth.

Underpinning this, we help our clients understand the operating context, specifically the political, social, socio-economic, environmental, human rights and governance issues that are critical to the commercial success, ongoing viability, and sustainability of their businesses.

We are pragmatic, commercially-focused, and innovative – marrying strategy with operational execution and delivery. We combine a deep and wide knowledge of African countries with international experience – illuminating the operating context, the opportunities, and the constraints.